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Title:   Preview: Hang On Sloopy  Hang On Sloopy
Artist:   The McCoys
Genre:   Rock
Views:   1379 (3)
Title:   Preview: A Spaceman Came Travelling  A Spaceman Came Travelling
Artist:   Chris de Burgh
Genre:   Rock
Views:   1263 (5)
Title:   Preview: Tennessee Whisky  Tennessee Whisky
Artist:   Chris Stapleton
Genre:   Country
Views:   1257 (13)
Title:   Preview: Higher and Higher  Higher and Higher
Artist:   Rita Coolidge
Genre:   Rock
Views:   1204 (9)
Title:   Preview: Atlantis  Atlantis
Artist:   Donovan Leitch
Genre:   Rock
Views:   1142 (3)
Title:   Preview: I Am... I Said  I Am... I Said
Artist:   Neil Diamond
Genre:   Rock
Views:   1138 (5)
Title:   Preview: Bookends Theme  Bookends Theme
Artist:   Simon and Garfunkel
Genre:   Folk
Views:   1137 (3)
Title:   Preview: Around and Around  Around and Around
Artist:   The Rolling Stones
Genre:   Rock
Views:   1133 (1)
Title:   Preview: Against the Wind  Against the Wind
Artist:   Bob Seger
Genre:   Rock
Views:   1130 (3)
Title:   Preview: Boom Boom  Boom Boom
Artist:   The Animals
Genre:   Rock
Views:   1119 (5)
Title:   N/A  Amazing Grace
Artist:   Unknown
Genre:   Traditional
Views:   1116 (3)
Title:   N/A  Freight Train
Artist:   Elizabeth Cotten
Genre:   Traditional
Views:   1115 (3)
Title:   Preview: Blowing in the Wind  Blowing in the Wind
Artist:   Bob Dylan
Genre:   Folk
Views:   1114 (3)
Title:   Preview: Gloria  Gloria
Artist:   The Shadows of Knight
Genre:   Rock
Views:   1092 (3)
Title:   Preview: Stand By Me (Fingerstyle)  Stand By Me (Fingerstyle)
Artist:   Ben E. King
Genre:   Rock
Views:   1077 (9)
Title:   Preview: Crimson and Clover  Crimson and Clover
Artist:   Tommy James and the Shondells
Genre:   Rock
Views:   1057 (2)
Title:   Preview: Greensleeves  Greensleeves
Artist:   Unknown
Genre:   Traditional
Views:   1055 (3)
Title:   Preview: Bring It On Home To Me  Bring It On Home To Me
Artist:   Van Morrison
Genre:   Rock
Views:   1051 (3)
Title:   Preview: Day Tripper  Day Tripper
Artist:   The Beatles
Genre:   Rock
Views:   1050 (3)
Title:   Preview: American Woman  American Woman
Artist:   The Guess Who
Genre:   Rock
Views:   1049 (2)
Title:   Preview: Hotel California  Hotel California
Artist:   The Eagles
Genre:   Rock
Views:   1028 (7)
Title:   Preview: Blackbird  Blackbird
Artist:   The Beatles
Genre:   Rock
Views:   1024 (3)
Title:   Preview: Promises  Promises
Artist:   Randy Travis
Genre:   Country
Views:   1023 (4)
Title:   Preview: Eve of Destruction  Eve of Destruction
Artist:   Barry McGuire
Genre:   Folk
Views:   1013 (5)
Title:   Preview: Fever  Fever
Artist:   The McCoys
Genre:   Rock
Views:   1011 (6)
Title:   Preview: Dust in the Wind  Dust in the Wind
Artist:   Kansas
Genre:   Rock
Views:   1008 (4)
Title:   Preview: Good Lovin  Good Lovin
Artist:   The Young Rascals
Genre:   Rock
Views:   1007 (5)
Title:   Preview: Back in Black  Back in Black
Artist:   AC/DC
Genre:   Rock
Views:   999 (2)
Title:   Preview: Ho Hey  Ho Hey
Artist:   The Lumineers
Genre:   Folk
Views:   996 (4)
Title:   Preview: Angel from Montgomery  Angel from Montgomery
Artist:   John Prine
Genre:   Country
Views:   973 (5)
Title:   Preview: Hey Joe  Hey Joe
Artist:   Jimi Hendrix
Genre:   Rock
Views:   970 (4)
Title:   Preview: Every Breath you Take (Fingerstyle)  Every Breath you Take (Fingerstyle)
Artist:   The Police
Genre:   Rock
Views:   969 (3)
Title:   Preview: Hallelujah  Hallelujah
Artist:   Leonard Cohen
Genre:   Rock
Views:   965 (2)
Title:   Preview: Don't Think Twice, It's Alright  Don't Think Twice, It's Alright
Artist:   Bob Dylan
Genre:   Folk
Views:   958 (4)
Title:   Preview: Don't Fear The Reaper  Don't Fear The Reaper
Artist:   Blue Oyster Cult
Genre:   Rock
Views:   956 (3)
Title:   Preview: Let It Out (Let It All Hang Out)  Let It Out (Let It All Hang Out)
Artist:   The Hombres
Genre:   Rock
Views:   955 (2)
Title:   Preview: Rock and Roll Song  Rock and Roll Song
Artist:   Valdy
Genre:   Folk
Views:   949 (3)
Title:   Preview: How Can I Tell You  How Can I Tell You
Artist:   Cat Stevens
Genre:   Rock
Views:   947 (2)
Title:   Preview: It's All Over Now  It's All Over Now
Artist:   The Rolling Stones
Genre:   Rock
Views:   945 (2)
Title:   Preview: Okie From Muskogee  Okie From Muskogee
Artist:   Merle Haggard
Genre:   Country
Views:   943 (5)
Title:   Preview: For What Its Worth  For What Its Worth
Artist:   Buffalo Springfield
Genre:   Rock
Views:   941 (1)
Title:   Preview: Last Kiss  Last Kiss
Artist:   Pearl Jam
Genre:   Rock
Views:   937 (2)
Title:   Preview: Ferry Cross the Mersey  Ferry Cross the Mersey
Artist:   Gerry and The Pacemakers
Genre:   Rock
Views:   935 (4)
Title:   Preview: Merry Christmas, Baby  Merry Christmas, Baby
Artist:   Elvis Presley
Genre:   Country
Views:   934 (2)
Title:   Preview: Everything At Once  Everything At Once
Artist:   Lenka
Genre:   Pop
Views:   933 (1)
Title:   Preview: Fire  Fire
Artist:   Bruce Springsteen
Genre:   Rock
Views:   927 (4)
Title:   Preview: More Than a Feeling  More Than a Feeling
Artist:   Boston
Genre:   Rock
Views:   923 (2)
Title:   Preview: Oh, Pretty Woman  Oh, Pretty Woman
Artist:   Roy Orbison
Genre:   Country
Views:   923 (4)
Title:   Preview: Jack and Diane  Jack and Diane
Artist:   John Mellencamp
Genre:   Rock
Views:   915 (5)
Title:   Preview: Mr. Tambourine Man  Mr. Tambourine Man
Artist:   The Byrds
Genre:   Folk
Views:   911 (4)

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