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 My Guitar Songbook

Bill CharretteWelcome to My Guitar Songbook, the place where I store my tab collection of guitar songs and licks, favorite websites, online lesson links and other guitar related stuff.

Navigate the site using the above 'Menu', 'Search field' and 'Advanced Search' link to help find specific content fast and easy. Click a 'Title' to view the Song /Lick breakdown (audio, lyrics, chords and tab etc.). Select an 'Artist' to display all their compositions or choose a 'Genre' to show songs included in that category.

I have accumulated and learned many songs that I do not think I could have learned without the help of tab. It seems that breaking the songs down into their various parts (intro, verse, chorus, bridge etc.) and writing the tab is part of my process of learning the songs and helps me remember them better. The act of writing helps me clarify my thoughts, remember things better, and reach my goals more surely.

The tabs herein have been transcribed from old handwritten notes collected and compiled over the years OR transcribed from tutorials posted by talented online teachers. The tab & pdf files are my own work; they are put together and formatted in Notepad, transformed to MS Word and converted to pdf format. Tab files with references to any artist are not meant to be actual transcriptions of copyrighted material.

The Audio files are gathered from my personal music library OR extracted from websites offering free guitar lessons. These files are for my own private use and not used for any commercial or profit-making enterprise.

Please visit the Tutorials for full lessons, original tabs and arrangement breakdowns, and be sure to check out the many websites and valuable Resources mentioned throughout this site.

 Background & Website Info

After a 15+ year pause from playing the guitar, I dusted off my old 1981 Taylor 810, had Ian Weston of Weston Instruments (Ottawa Guitar Repair Shop) work his magic and perform a personalized setup on it and, I started to play again.

I had quite a bit of trouble remembering the tunes I used to know so well.  I spent many hours sifting through old hand written and photocopied sheets of guitar songs and tabs etc.; and soon realized it was necessary to convert the whole kit and caboodle into an electronic format and add them to a simple website so I could access them easily.

The site consists of approximately 150 web pages, which includes the Admin, Member and Visitor portions of the application. There are about 15,000 lines of code with a MS Access database back end. The code is written in Classic ASP - VB Script as well as a whole lot of old school coding. The site is hosted by Cirrus Tech Ltd. (Toronto, Ontario).

The tools used to develop the site: Adobe Dreamweaver, and Fireworks, AVS4YOU Document Converter, Audio Converter and Audio Editor, Microsoft Access, Word and Notepad. The site is designed to allow Members (friends and family) to add and edit their own favourite Songs and Videos etc. However, I have not enabled this component. Maybe someday...

A Contact Us and Guestbook pages have been added to identify comments and/or suggestions. And, a "Song Rate" selection and "Song Viewed" count are included to recognize song popularity etc.