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Recently Added Songs
Song:   Carry That Weight
Artist:   The Beatles
Tutorial:   Helmut Bickel
Genre:   Rock
Date:   Added: 9/18/2023
Song:   I Will Always Love You (Fingerstyle)
Artist:   Dolly Parton
Tutorial:   Helmut Bickel
Genre:   Country
Date:   Added: 8/21/2023
Song:   Paradise (Fingerstyle)
Artist:   John Prine
Tutorial:   Helmut Bickel
Genre:   Country
Date:   Added: 7/9/2023
Song:   Amen (Fingerstyle)
Artist:   Wings Over Jordan Choir
Tutorial:   Helmut Bickel
Genre:   Traditional
Date:   Added: 5/19/2023
Song:   As Tears Go By (Fingerstyle)
Artist:   The Rolling Stones
Tutorial:   lonelypicker
Genre:   Rock
Date:   Added: 5/12/2023
Recently Added Licks
Lick:   Acoustic Blues Lesson
Artist:   Griff Hamlin
Genre:   Licks
Date:   Added: 5/28/2023
Lick:   Repeater Lick 1
Artist:   Robert Renman
Genre:   Licks
Date:   Added: 2/13/2023
Lick:   Guitar Lesson #4: Muddy Waters
Artist:   Anders Mouridsen
Genre:   Licks
Date:   Added: 1/9/2023
Lick:   Playing on the Porch Part 1
Artist:   Griff Hamlin
Genre:   Licks
Date:   Updated: 12/27/2021
Lick:   Homespun Quick Lick
Artist:   Al Petteway
Genre:   Licks
Date:   Added: 12/24/2021

Good evening and welcome to My Guitar Songbook - the place where I store my tab collection of guitar songs & licks, favorite online lesson links and other guitar related stuff.

Navigate the site using the above 'Menu'. Click a 'Title' to view the Song /Lick breakdown (audio, lyrics, chords and tab etc.). Select 'Tutorial' or 'Tab by' to display all their compositions or choose a 'Genre' to show songs included in that category.

The tab and pdf files are my own work. Some are copies of handwritten notes that I collected and compiled over the years, and others are transcribed from tutorials posted by talented online teachers.

For more information: About This Site