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I Can't Explain  

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I Can't Explain - The Who
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I Can't Explain - The Who  (4/4)

Introduction:   E  [D D]  A  [E E]   3x

      E        [D D]  A      [E E]
Got a feeling inside (Can't explain)
      E        [D D]  A      [E E]
It's a certain kind  (Can't explain)
      E        [D D]  A      [E E]
I feel hot and cold  (Can't explain)
      E         [D D]        B       [E E]
Yeah, down in my soul, yeah (Can't explain)

E     [D D]       A       [E E]      
          I said...(Can't explain)
            E         [D D]     A      [E E]
I'm feeling good now, yeah, but (Can't explain)
E            [D D]      A         [E E] 
Dizzy in the head and I'm feeling blue
    E            [D D]      A          [E E]  
The things you've said well maybe they're true      
    E            [D D]      A          [E E]    
I'm gettin' funny dreams again and again
  E            D      B(hold)
I know what it means, but...              

E                C#m             
Can't explain, I think it's love
       A                    B              
Try to say it to you  when I feel blue,
      E       [D D]  A      [E E]   
But I can't explain (Can't explain)
      E       [D D]  A      [E E] 
Yeah, you hear what I'm saying, girl (Can't explain)

First Solo

Dizzy in the head and I'm feeling bad
The things you said have got me real mad
I'm gettin' funny dreams again and again
I know what it means but...


But I can't explain (Can't explain)
You give me one more time now, (Can't explain)

Second Solo

(Ooh, Ooh) I said I can't explain, yeah, baby, yeah
(Ooh, Ooh) You drive me outta my mind
(Ooh, Ooh) Hey, I'm the worryingest kind, yeah
(Ooh, Ooh) I said can't explain    
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I Can't Explain - The Who
I Can't Explain - The Who
I Can't Explain is a song by the English rock band The Who, written by Pete Townshend, and produced by Shel Talmy. The song was issued as a single in December 1964 in the United States and on 15 January 1965 in the United Kingdom.

I Can't Explain was the A-side of the group's first single released under the name The Who—their previous single, "I'm the Face"/"Zoot Suit," was released as The High Numbers. The song's intro resembles "Louie Louie". In the album's liner notes, Townshend also noted the song's similarity to the contemporaneous hit single "All Day and All of the Night" by The Kinks: "It can't be beat for straightforward Kink copying. There is little to say about how I wrote this. It came out of the top of my head when I was 18 and a half." In a 1994 issue of Q magazine, Roger Daltrey echoed Townshend's comments regarding The Kinks' influence on the writing of the song

Source: Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia

I Can't Explain - The Who

I Can't Explain - The Who
Adder: Bill Charrette [ willc ]
Date: 7/18/2012
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Genre: Rock
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