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Mr. Tambourine Man  Info Info

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Mr. Tambourine Man - The Byrds

Setup & Info:

 Standard Tuning
 Timing: 4/4
 Audio File From: willc's Personal Music Library
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Introduction/Lead Break:

    _   _   _   _     _   _   _   _ 
   |   | | | | | |   | | | | | | | |
D|-0-----0-------4-|-2-0-4-2-----0-2-| (4 times)


G        A               D               G
Hey! Mr. Tambourine Man, play a song for me,
        D                G               A       A
I'm not sleepy and there is no place I'm going to.
G        A               D               G
Hey! Mr. Tambourine Man, play a song for me,
       D             G                 A         D     D
In the jingle jangle morning I'll come followin' you.


G            A              D              G
Take me on a trip upon your magic swirlin' ship,
   D                G            D                   G
My senses have been stripped, my hands can't feel to grip,
   D                G          D           G
My toes too numb to step, wait only for my boot heels
      A         A
To be wonderin'.
    G           A             D            G
I'm ready to go anywhere, I'm ready for to fade
  D         G                 D                G
Into my own parade, cast your dancing spell my way,
  Em            A          A
I promise to go under it.

Chorus > Lead Break (at 'you') fade out...
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Mr. Tambourine Man - The Byrds
Mr. Tambourine Man - The Byrds
Mr. Tambourine Man is a song written and performed by Bob Dylan, which was released on his 1965 album Bringing It All Back Home. The Byrds also recorded a version of the song that was released as their first single on Columbia Records, reaching number 1 on both the Billboard Hot 100 chart and the UK Singles Chart, as well as being the title track of their first album, Mr. Tambourine Man.

The Byrds recording of the song was influential in initiating the musical subgenre of folk rock, leading many contemporary bands to mimic its fusion of jangly guitars and intellectual lyrics in the wake of the single's success.

Source: Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia

Mr. Tambourine Man - The Byrds

Mr. Tambourine Man - The Byrds
Adder: Bill Charrette [ willc ]
Date: 8/20/2012
Audio Src: willc's Personal Music Library
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Genre: Folk
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