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Promises - Randy Travis
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Promises - Randy Travis  (4/4)

Introduction: Slowly strum the E chord and let it ring

Suggested Picking Pattern:
    __    __    __    __
   |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
   Bass (root note)

      E                 E
Cheap perfume and painted faces,
      E                 E
Fallen angels fill the places 
        A          A                E        E
Where I go when my troubles pull me down.
        E                    E          
All the lies I know they'll tell me, 
        E                    E
And the time that they will sell me,
      F#                F#             B7     B7
For a while I'll be the biggest man in town.

        E                 E
Back at home in bed she's crying,  
        E                 E
For her love for me is dying,
           A       A                          E        E
But she'll pray I make it safely through the night.
         B7                  B7
When the mornin' sun starts showing, 
       A               A
To her bedside I'll be going,
           E               B7                 E        E
And she'll hold me while I face the morning light. 

And I'll make promises,
Promises to change. 
              Ab        Ab
I'll make her promises, swear I'll rearrange. 
              A               A
And I'll start giving all the love she needs, 
   B7                [A    B7]
If only she will stay.

      E                 E
Once again she'll reassure me,
      E                   E
And I believe her love will cure me,
         A                A           E        E
And I'll fall asleep with tears on my face.
      E                 E
Lord I know she's just a woman,
      E                 E
And her love can't last forever,
        F#                    F#               B7      B7
And someday soon I know she'll leave without a trace.

For broken promises  
Will tear her dreams apart,
              Ab        Ab
Just token promises will someday break her heart.
              A               A
And for the last time she'll hold me when I cry
And while I'm sleeping,
       A       B7      /
She'll quietly say:
    C  D  E   E (slowly pick the E chord and let it ring)

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Promises - Randy Travis
Promises - Randy Travis
"Promises" is a song co-written and recorded by American country music singer Randy Travis. It was originally released in March 1987, as the B-side of "Forever and Ever, Amen." Then it was released as the A-side in May 1989 as the fourth and final single from his album, Old 8x10, peaking at number 17 in the United States and number 12 Canada. Travis co-wrote this with John Lindley

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Promises - Randy Travis

Promises - Randy Travis
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