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Double Stop Bends 

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Double Stop Bends - Jody Worrell
Double Stop Bends - Jody Worrell ( 4 )
 Key A - 4/4 Time
 Arranged By Jody Worrell
 Audio File From Tutorial
Key A

    _ _      ___             _
   | | | |  |   |   |     | | | | |


Key E (Transposed - original Key A)

    _ _      ___               _
   | | | |  |   |   |     |   | | | |
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Double Stop Bends - Jody Worrell

Please visit Jody Worrell’s Tutorial for the original tab, full lesson, audio file and complete breakdown of this arrangement. All rights belong to the copyright holder.

Note: The tab portion of the PDF was transcribed from Jody Worrell’s Tutorial.

 Tab (PDF)

Double Stop Bends - Jody Worrell
Double Stop Bends - Jody Worrell

Double Stop Bends is a free video lesson by Jody Worrell that covers a great blues guitar lick. The cool part about this lick is that we'll be using both our ring and little finger to bend at the same time. However, the ring finger will be playing a whole step bend, and the little finger will play a half step bend.

We'll also use the fingers of our right hand to play this lick as opposed to using a pick. Practice with the video, tab, and free jam tracks below to really learn how to play this lick. For more information about playing bends, check out Jody's Bluesy Bends premium lesson.

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Adder: Bill Charrette [ willc ]
Date: 2/7/2013
Updated: 2/7/2021
Audio: Jody Worrell’s Tutorial
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