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Dirty Blues Lick

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Dirty Blues Lick - Mr Blues Strings

Setup & Info:

 Key C - 4/4 Time
 Arranged by: Mr Blues Strings
 Audio File from: Tutorial
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        _        __   __     ___    _    ___
   |   | |  |   |  | |  |   |   |  | |  |   |


Key E (Transposed - Original Key C):

        _       _   _     ___   _    __ 
   |   | | |   | | | |   |   | | |  |  |
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Dirty Blues Lick - Mr Blues Strings

Dirty Blues Lick - Mr Blues Strings
Adder: Bill Charrette [ willc ]
Date: 7/17/2013
Updated: 6/2/2016
Audio: Mr Blues Strings’s Tutorial
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Views: 1147
MyTab DL: 504
Genre: Licks
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Dirty Blues Lick

Please visit Mr Blues Strings’s Tutorial for the full lesson, tab, original audio and complete breakdown of this arrangement.

The Tab file here is my own work and represents my interpretation of the song. Tab files with reference to any artist are not meant to be actual transcriptions of copyrighted material. All rights belong to the copyright holders.

Note: I have learned many songs that I do not think I could have learned without the help of Tab. It seems that breaking the songs down into their various parts (intro, verse, chorus, bridge etc.) and writing the tab is part of my process of learning the songs and helps me remember them better.

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Dirty Blues Lick

This lick is in the first position "C" - straight pentatonic. Nothing too complicated

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