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Blues Licks for Guitar (Lick 8) - Pluck/Play Guitar
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Blues Licks for Guitar (Lick 8) - Pluck/Play Guitar  (4/4 - Key A )

Key A:

             __   _    _   _ 
    |  | |  |  | | |  | | | |  |


Key E: (Transposed - original Key A)

             __   _    _   _ 
    |  | |  |  | | |  | | | |  |
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Song Info  Blues Licks for Guitar (Lick... - Pluck/Play Guitar
Pluck/Play Guitar Anybody can learn to play the guitar and with my free guitar lessons for beginners, you can master some basic techniques and songs within two weeks of practice. After years of experience with online guitar resources Leon knows that many guitar websites rely on simple text explanations and are of little or no help to the absolute beginner.

The Blues Guitar Lick pages contain a selection of 18 Blues licks aimed at the beginner to intermediate guitar players. All of the techniques and methods discussed in the Blues Guitar Lessons on the site are used in most of these licks. String Bending and Vibrato feature prominently (this is the Blues after all!) so you might want to make sure you've got those nailed down and understand how to play them before proceeding.

Each lick has a video that illustrates the lick graphically, so they're all on separate pages, listed in order from easiest to more advanced licks.


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Song Stats  Blues Licks for Guitar (Lick... - Pluck/Play Guitar
Adder: Bill Charrette [ willc ]
Date: 11/18/2013
Tab By: willc
Rated: (5) Hot! Popular!
Views: 671
pdf Hits: 363
Genre: Licks
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The Song audio files are gathered from my personal music library. I do not own the copyright of the songs and audio files, all rights belong to the copyright holders – no copyright infringement is intended.

The Lick samples are gathered from talented online teachers and tabbed in the key in which they were found. Many have been transposed in the Key of Am - at the 5th fret (a popular key when playing the Blues) or the Key of Em - the "guitar key" (all open strings belong to this scale and the most common key for Delta Blues).

For superb lessons, original videos and tabs etc. check out the many websites and Resources mentioned throughout this site.